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Ally cards

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These cards are in the ally family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
50 Ships Mufassah     Ally   If you have a Ship in your hand, gain 5 Gold  
Ali Morrisane     Ally   3 Remove weapon.  
Archmage Sedridor     Ally   1 Add 2 Health and 2 Attack to rival's next Creature.  
Bob the Cat     Ally   1 Take damage equal to rival's Total Attack. Steal up to 3 Gold from rival.  
Brugsen Bursen     Ally   3 Add 4 cost to rival's next Support.  
Burntmeat     Ally   3 Draw 4 cards.  
Cabin Boy     Ally   If you have a ship in your hand, add 2 Cannonball to your hand.  
Darren Lightfinger     Ally   1 Discard 1 random card. Remove 4 cost from your next Support.  
Death     Ally   9 Remove half of rival's Health.  
Death Lotus Assassin     Ally   5 Deal 8 damage to rival.  
Doric     Ally   3 4 Deal 4 damage to rival.  
Drunken Dwarf     Ally   2 Gain Health equal to your Weapon Durability.  
Gadderanks     Ally   3 53/1  
Gee'ka     Ally   1/2  
Gnome Healer     Ally   24 Add 4 Health to rival.  
Haemalchemist     Ally   10 Add Health to rival's next Creature equal to your next Creature's Health.  
Highwayman     Ally   8 Steal rival's weapon.  
Kaqemeex     Ally   1 Add 1 random Potion and 2 Water to your hand.  
Karam     Ally   7 Spend your weapon and remove 2 Base Attack from rival.  
Lady Hefin     Ally   2 Gain 2 Health for each Creature in your hand.  
Lady Raven     Ally   20 Deal Damage equal to your total Gold.  
Ling, the Assassin     Ally   Deal damage to rival equal to half your Gold. Remove all your Gold.  
Mage of Zamorak     Ally   4 Strike rival.  
Major Mary Rancour     Ally   1 1/1 Rival gains a 1/1 weapon.  
Malak     Ally   Gain Health equal to half your next Creature's Health.  
Mazchna     Ally   1 For each Creature with 5 or more Attack slain, gain 2 Gold.  
Nastroth     Ally   4 1  
Ogre Trader     Ally   Spend Armour to pay for your next Support.  
Papa Mambo     Ally   2 Spend 2 Potions from your hand and add 4 Health to all rival's Creatures.  
Radimus Erkle     Ally   2 51/2 If you have a location in your deck, gain 4 Gold and draw 2 cards.
Rantz     Ally   2 2/3 Deal 1 damage to your next Creature.  
Romily Weaklax     Ally   2 7  
Safalaan Hallow     Ally   2 Draw 1 Vampyre.  
Shug     Ally   Swap the Attack and Health of your next Creature.  
Sir Tiffy Cashien     Ally   3 Mortal: Gain 12 Armour.  
Smuggler     Ally   2 Steal up to 3 Weapon Attack from rival Or Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Solomon Madini     Ally   4 43/3  
Thurgo     Ally   2 Gain 3 Weapon Attack.  
Vampyre Trader     Ally   5/1 Remove 7 Health.   6
Vyrewatch     Ally   5 Steal up to 4 Health from rival. Discard 1 random card from rival's hand.  
Wise Old Man     Ally   5 Deal Damage to all your Creatures equal to your hand size.  
Wizard Traiborn     Ally   2 Add 1 Health and 3 Attack to rival's next Creature.  
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