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Ariane is a playable Legend, released alongside Chronicle's Closed Beta. Her strategy is focused on using spells for their game-changing effects, with many of her decks being defined by cards such as Earth Blast and Lunar Spellbook.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ariane is a powerful magic user and a Signature Hero, featuring in several quests in RuneScape 3. Raised in Seers' Village, she has the power of precognition. Additionally, she has studied in nearly every school of magic and excels in all of them. She is curious about the ancient magic of Gielinor and determined to discover as much as she can about it, despite her mentors warning her to exercise caution. Ariane generally uses logic and reason to solve problems and may be described as naive at times.

Playstyle[edit | edit source]

Ariane is a sorceress with a variety of aggressive strategies designed to burst out an opponent quickly, chip them down gradually, or suffocate them by threatening grief with cards like Asphyxiate. Fundamentally, her strategies depend on the number of cards she currently has in hand. She has excellent Card Draw mechanics, such as Skeletal Peon and Wizard Mindbomb. This high card draw makes Ariane's strategies fairly reliable through consistent deck cycle. Ariane also has the greatest source of card generation, through equipment cards like Ancient Spellbook and creature cards such as Zamorakian Occultist and Lexicus Runewright. For all her aggression, Ariane is a candidate unfit for the Final Fight and will typically not fare well if she cannot end the game prior to the conclusion of Chapter 5.

Once Ariane's hand is full, her full array of strategies becomes available. She can burst her rival with Earth Blast, Earth Wave or Vengeance, defend herself with Lady Hefin, or damage creatures with Entangle. Most of Ariane's cards focus on damaging her rival, especially her starter cards, making her a good choice for beginners and advanced players alike who are looking to play aggressively.

Lunar Spellbook.png

Ariane has a unique form of equipment: Spell Books. Spell Books include Ancient Spellbook and Lunar Spellbook, and they each add 4 unique spells to Ariane's hand. These give a crucial boost to Ariane's hand size and bring strong, versatile effects, ranging from griefing and other forms of suppressing the opponent, to healing/buffing Ariane, or dealing burst.

Although not specializing in traditional weapons, Ariane still has good reach on large creatures thanks to weakening effects like Enfeeble or Ice Barrage, or by gaining temporary attack with a card like Crawling Hand.

If Ariane ever drops to 1 Base Attack, do not underestimate her. Ariane is unique in that she increases her spell potential by dropping to 1 Base Attack, unlocking her most lethal attacks that can overwhelm almost any deck. Typically a card like Animated Book or Penguin Sheep will drop Ariane to 1 Base Attack, at which point she can use Skeletal Mage and Wind Surge to remove large amounts of health at a cheap cost.

Ariane's strategies typically revolve around using Hand Size to burst, Spellbooks to control the game, creatures to deal damage (eg. Infernal Mage and Haunted Soul, or as part of a 1 AP strategy. She also has potential for grief through Stagger or Archmage Sedridor. Her specialties therefore are damage and suppression.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Ariane has two common themes in her strategies: Hand Size and 8 gold-cost cards. Reducing her hand size with Scarface Pete, Vanescula's Vyrewatch, or a Ghostship are useful for slowing her down. When she nears 8 gold, be prepared for either big burst or a spellbook to come through. Ozan can use Al Kharid Warrior or Black Marketeer tactically to upset her chapter when he sees her near 8 gold. Redbeard Frank is very powerful against a variety of Ariane strategies.

Fortunately, many of Ariane's strategies are telegraphed. If Ariane activates a spellbook, it is absolutely crucial to play around their spells or you will almost certainly lose. Be sure to inform yourself of their effects. If it's Ancient Spellbook, expect your base attack to be reduced by 1 immediately, or if you have a weapon, for Ariane to remove it quickly. If it's Lunar Spellbook, do not play any large creatures—or if you do, be sure to account for 3-5 extra health on it. Be mindful of incoming burst from Vengeance, which can be an OTK if she also has the 8 gold for Earth Blast. The same goes for Asphyxiate. Wait out her important grief cards as best you can, or play around them by positioning weak creatures earlier in the chapter.

If all else fails, build more sustain in your deck. Ariane, no matter her play style, cannot function reliably in the final fight, so if you sustain through her damage before that, you can probably win in the end. This will not work against the most dedicated burst decks that can OTK the player, but certainly at beginner levels, staying above 20 health is very important versus Earth Blast decks. Armor can be a great advantage here, but certain Ariane decks will ignore armor. If Ariane is giving you trouble, try to identify what Ariane deck types you are facing, in particular which cards she is winning with. Most often, discard effects, gold grief, and sustain are the 3 adaptations to win, as well as playing around her grief intelligently.

Cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards can only be used by Ariane.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Animated Book     None   3 1 Spend 1 Base Attack and draw 2 Spells.  
Ankou     Undead   5 4 22/4 Remove 3 Health.  
Banshee     Undead   3 3 1 Remove 2 Attack and 1 Health from all your Creatures in play.  
Chaos Elemental     None   5 12 4 Reduce the cost of your next Support and the health of your next creature by the Attack of this creature  
Crawling Hand     Undead   1 3 Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Ellaron     None   5 3 Add 1 Health to all Creatures in play.  
Haunted Soul     Undead   2 5 Deal 5 damage to rival.  
Infernal Mage     Undead   3 10 Remove 6 Health from rival.  
Lexicus Runewright     None   9 5 4 Add 3 random spells to your hand.  
Lord Iban     Undead   5 5 Swap the Attack and Health of all your Undead creatures in play.  
Ravenous Snail     None   3 2 22  
Revenant Knight     Undead   8 10 Draw 1 Spell. Gain 3 Temporary Attack. Strike rival.  
Skeletal Mage     Undead   5 4 3 If you have 1 Base Attack, remove 6 Health from rival.  
Skeletal Peon     Undead   2 3 Draw 2 cards.   4
Troll Shaman     Troll   8 6 4 Your next Spell is free.   6
Unholy Cursebearer     Undead   8 13 3 Remove 8 Health.  
Zamorakian Occultist     None   4 5 2 Add Asphyxiate to your hand.  
Alchemy     Spell   Spend weapon and gain 5 Gold.  
Ancient Spellbook     Equipment   8 Add Blood, Ice, Shadow, and Smoke Barrage to your hand.  
Archmage Sedridor     Ally   1 Add 2 Health and 2 Attack to rival's next Creature.  
Asphyxiate     Spell   1 Deal damage to rival equal to their next Creature's Attack x2.   Zamorakian Occultist
Bind     Spell   3 Deal 1 damage to rival. Strike rival.  
Blood Barrage     Spell   8 Deal 2 damage to rival. Remove 2 Health from your next Creature.   Ancient Spellbook
Boost     Spell   Add 3 Health and 5 Attack to rival's next Creature.   Lunar Spellbook
Borrowed Power     Spell   Gain Temporary Attack equal to rival's Total Attack +1.   Lunar Spellbook
Card Trick     None   Rival discards 2 random cards.
Clairvoyance     Spell   Gain Gold equal to rival's Base Attack.  
Crumble Undead     Spell   2 Remove 8 Health from your next Undead Creature.  
Divine Storm     Spell   4 Remove 6 Armour from rival. Deal 6 damage to rival.  
Earth Blast     Spell   6 Deal damage to rival equal to the amount of Support cards in your hand x2.  
Earth Wave     Spell   5 Remove Health from rival equal to your hand size +4. Discard all your cards.  
Enfeeble     Spell   1 Discard 1 random card. Remove 5 Attack from your next Creature.   2
Entangle     Spell   3 Deal Damage to your next Creature equal to your hand size.  
Fire Surge     Spell   3 Remove Health from rival equal to half their Armour.  
Gnome Healer     Ally   24 Add 4 Health to rival.  
Group Heal     Spell   5 Add 2 Health to rival's next Creature.   Lunar Spellbook
Ice Barrage     Spell   Deal 5 damage to rival. Remove 4 Health from your next Creature.   Ancient Spellbook
Lady Hefin     Ally   2 Gain 2 Health for each Creature in your hand.  
Lunar Spellbook     Equipment   8 Add Boost, Borrowed Power, Group Heal, and Vengeance to your hand.  
Ring of Kinship     Equipment   2 2/6 Add 5 Armour to rival.  
Shadow Barrage     Spell   Remove 1 Base Attack from rival. Remove 2 Attack from your next Creature.   Ancient Spellbook
Shield Dome     Spell   2 22 Gain Armour equal to half your hand size.   3
Smoke Barrage     Spell   Deal 3 damage to rival. Rival discards 1 card.   Smoke Barrage
Stagger     Spell   Exhaust yourself.  
Vengeance     Spell   Deal damage to rival equal to your hand size.   Lunar Spellbook
Wind Strike     Spell   Remove 3 Health from rival.  
Wind Surge     Spell   1 If you have 1 Base Attack, remove 6 Health from rival.  
Wise Old Man     Ally   5 Deal Damage to all your Creatures equal to your hand size.  
Wizard Mindbomb     Potion   1 Remove 2 Health. Draw 3 cards.  
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