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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is a collectible card game by Jagex Games Studio set in the universe of the MMORPG RuneScape.

The game has a unique format and setting. From inside a magical book, players use their deck of cards to create a quest for their legend. Legends earn gold as they progress through the quest, fighting enemy cards, which players can spend to aid their legends. Enemy players will be creating their own quests, and may steal gold or weapons. At the end, players do battle against each other, with the victor being the last one standing.


The game is divided in 5 chapters.

At the start of the first chapter, a player is randomly chosen as the "first player", the other player will be "second".

Each player has to choose a starting hand made of 6 cards randomly drawn from your deck, if you are first or 7 if you are the second player, you may choose to replace any numbers of cards from your starting hand with other cards from your deck. You may replace only one time each card.

After each players have chosen their starting end, the game start.

For each 5 chapters, you are able to play up to 4 different cards that can be Enemy Cards or Support Cards.

Your opponent will be able to do the same.

After both players have chosen what to play, legends from both players will alternatively travel to the cards their "owner" has chosen to play, fighting Enemy Cards and activating Support Cards.

The player who has been chosen First, will at the begining of each chapter be the first to have his/her legend travel to his/her first card.

When a legend travels to a Support Card, he/she will simply activate its effect and pay its cost in Gold Coins. That means you need to get Gold Coins which you get most commonly by defeating Enemy Cards, to play Support Cards (except if a Support Card cost 0 Gold Coins).

Each legend has a total of 30 Health points, this is also a limit they cannot bypass by healings. The only way to get more Health is by getting Armor.

Each legend also has a base attack value that can be modified by cards. When you start a game, your legend's attack value is 2.

When a legend travels to an Enemy Card, he/she will fight that card. It will first deal damage to the Enemy Card equal to his/her attack value, then if the Enemy Card's Health gets below 0, it dies and the legend's owner will get rewards for defeating that Enemy, else the fight continues.

If a legend does not kill an Enemy Card the first strike, the Enemy will have the opportunity to attack you and deal damage to your legend equal to its attack.

Next, the legend will attack again and so on until either of the Enemy Card or the legend dies.

Most Enemy Cards will give you Gold Coins on death, and sometimes other rewards such as Base Attack, Weapons, Health, etc.

A legend is able to increase his/her attack using weapons, using effects from cards or as a reward from Enemy Cards.

A Weapon increases the attack of your legend by adding to his/her base attack its attack value, but a weapon has a durability, every time your legend will hit an Enemy Card, his/her weapon will lose 1 durability until it breaks.

You can gain a weapon as a reward from an Enemy Card or by playing a Support Card.

After each legend has activated/fought up to 4 cards, the chapter ends.

For the 4 chapters remaining (other than the first), players will draw 3 cards at the start of each of them.

After the fifth chapter ends, if both legends are still alive, they will fight exactly like a legend fights an Enemy Card except that legends are stronger than an usual Enemy Card.

So if you want to win that fight, you will need to have accumulated Health, Armor or Attack or to have dealt damage to your opponent's legend.

Weapons can also be used for this final fight.

Important remarks:

*You cannot exceed 10 cards in your hand. If you draw up to more than 10 cards during a chapter, these cards will be discarded. If at the start of a chapter, you have 8 or more cards, you will draw up to 10 cards but you will draw less than 3 cards.

*Many effects that affects the next card you have played (example: Defence Potion: Remove 4 attack from your next Creature) will only work for the chapter. If you have played a card like this and there is no Enemy Card/Support Card behind, it will be useless.

*A card requiring a condition will work as long as the condition is done, but if your opponent plays a card that will unfulfil that condition, the card that requires a condition will not trigger its effect. Remember, Support Cards almost all have at least one condition: having enough Gold Coins than needed.

*You cannot exceed 30 Health in total, if you play a healing card that will restore you up to more than 30 Health, you will not exceed 30 Health total. But Armor that works as pseudo Health doesn't have any limit.

*Effects written on an Enemy Card will trigger directly after your legend defeats that Enemy. Same for rewards that are indicated at the bottom of an Enemy Card.

*You can't interact directly with your opponent, except during the final fight after the fifth chapter, the only way to interact directly with your opponent is by using effects.

*Remember that a weapon can break during a fight. So you can lose attack during a combat.

*Most of Support Cards and Enemy Cards have a family. A family does not impact the game, but some cards works with a special type of family.

*Even if you do not play 4 cards, you can still place a card where you want even if there is no card before. Clicking directly on a card in your hand will simply place it after the last card you played, but if you drag it with your mouse you can place it anywhere. That is sometimes useful as your opponent may have played one more/less card when your card gets triggerred.


There is 5 different legends in the game, the Raptor: the tank, Ariane: the mage, Ozan: the rogue, Linza: the smith and Vanescula: the vampire.

Each of these 5 legends has a pool of cards that can only be played by them. They also have a unique playstyle.

There are 2 different gamemodes:

-Constructed where you choose the cards you want in your deck. You can play against an Artificial Intelligence, or against real players. There is a ranked mode where you can climb up ranks by winning.

-Dungeoneering where you choose 2 cards from a set of 5 cards, that 15 times, and you build a "random" deck. You need to get many numbers of victories as possible but you cannot exceed 3 loses. You need to pay (in game money or real money) to enter the Dungeoneering mode but you may win a lot of rewards if you win a lot.

In each of these 2 gamemodes, you only fight against someone of the same gamemode.

There is an ingame shop where you can by packs (containing 5 random cards) or cosmetic contents with either real money or ingame currency.

There is also a player customization system where you can choose an icon and and a motto.

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