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Demon cards

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These cards are in the demon family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Abyssal Demon     Demon   4 4 2 Exhaust.
Remove Exhaust from your next Demon.
Black Demon     Demon   9 6 Deal 4 Damage to both Legends.
Strike rival.
Greater Demon     Demon   8 5 2 Strike rival.
K'ril Tsutsaroth     Demon   13 7 5/1 Kill your next Demon.  
Kal'Ger     Demon   12 8 Gain 2 Weapon Attack.
Strike rival.
Lesser Demon     Demon   5 3 2 Battle rival.  
Mischievous Imp     Demon   1 2 1 Draw 1 card.  
Ripper Demon     Demon   11 9 Strike. Exhaust.
Mortal: Strike.
To'Kash     Demon   6 12 Remove weapon.
Gain 6 Temporary Attack.
Strike rival. Exhaust.
Tormented Demon     Demon   4 10 4/21 Deal 4 damage to both Legends.  
Traitorous Imp     Demon   2 1 Draw a Slayer Task.  
Yk'Lagor     Demon   6 13 2 Remove all your Armour.  
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