Dragon cards

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These cards are in the dragon family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Adamant Dragon     Dragon   6 13 3 Gain Weapon Durability equal to rival's Gold.  
Elvarg     Dragon   12 8 Take 8 damage.
Gain Base Attack equal to half your current Base Attack.
Green Dragon     Dragon   8 5 Remove all Armour from both Legends.  
King Black Dragon     Dragon   8 14 11  
Lava Dragon     Dragon   15 9 51 Remove 2 Health from all Creatures.
Deal 2 damage to both Legends.
Mithril Dragon     Dragon   8 10 12  
Rune Dragon     Dragon   7 14 4 Gain 4 Weapon Attack.
Remove 8 Health from your next Creature.
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