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Equipment cards

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These cards are in the equipment family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Abyssal Whip     Equipment   8 6/3 Steal up to 6 Health from your next Creature.  
Adamant Armour     Equipment   1 5  
Amulet of Fury     Equipment   8 2  
Ancient Spellbook     Equipment   8 Add Blood, Ice, Shadow, and Smoke Barrage to your hand.  
Berserker Shield     Equipment   2 If you have 10 or more Armour, gain 1 Base Attack.  
Cannonball     Equipment   Deal 1 damage to rival.   various cards
Chain Shot Cannon     Equipment   Spend 1 Cannonball from your hand, discard 1 card from rival's hand and 3 cards from rival's deck.  
Chaotic Longsword     Equipment   4 6/2  
Chaotic Rapier     Equipment   2 Gain a 1/3 weapon. Gain Weapon Attack equal to half rival's Armour.  
Crystal Flask     Equipment   Spend 1 Potion from your hand and gain 8 Health.  
Deathtouched Darts     Equipment   10 6/2 Kill your next Creature.  
Dondakan's Cannon     Equipment   2 Deal damage to rival equal to half your Armour.   6
Dragon Longsword     Equipment   5 5/3  
Dragon Scimitar     Equipment   6 5/2 Remove 4 Health from Rival  
Dragon Set     Equipment   13 5/312 Add 2 copies of Dragon Arrows to your hand.  
Dragon Two Hander     Equipment   5 4/4  
Dragon Warhammer     Equipment   5 6/2 Spend 1 Base Attack and gain 4 Temporary Attack.  
Dragonbone Upgrade     Equipment   2 5 Weapon gains +1/+1.  
Full Dharok     Equipment   2 Mortal: Gain 2 Base Attack.  
Full Tetsu     Equipment   5 55  
Golden Hammer     Equipment   2 2/4  
Granite Maul     Equipment   5 4/2 Deal 4 damage to rival.  
Gravite Longsword     Equipment   4/1   4
Keris     Equipment   3 1/3 Remove 3 Health from all your Kalphites in play.  
Loot Cache     Equipment   2 If rival has a weapon, gain 5 Armour.  
Lunar Spellbook     Equipment   8 Add Boost, Borrowed Power, Group Heal, and Vengeance to your hand.  
Mithril Arrows     Equipment   1 Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Partyhat     Equipment   Discard 3 random cards. Double your Gold.  
Prototype     Equipment   1 1 If your Weapon Durability is greater than or equal to your Weapon Attack, gain 4 Armour and 2 Weapon Attack  
Red Chinchompa     Equipment   1 1/2 Deal 2 damage to rival.  
Ring of Charos     Equipment   Remove 3 cost from your next Support.  
Ring of Kinship     Equipment   2 2/6 Add 5 Armour to rival.  
Ring of Recoil     Equipment   Deal 4 damage to rival. Take damage equal to rival's Base Attack.  
Saradomin Godsword     Equipment   7 7/24  
Silverlight     Equipment   3 Remove 2 Health from all your Demons in play.  
Tetsu Katana     Equipment   7 8/3  
TokTz-Ket-Em     Equipment   Spend 4 Armour and gain a 3/6 weapon.  
Toolbelt     Equipment   Remove 3 Weapon Durability from rival.  
Toxic Blowpipe     Equipment   1 3 Deal 4 damage to your next creature.  
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