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Hope Devourer

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Hope Devourer
Hope Devourer.png
Legend   Ozan
Type   Enemy
Family Beast
Rarity   Uncommon
Attack 7
Health [15
Rewards 3
Source Collectible
Steal up to 1 Base Attack from rival.
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Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Frequently abbreviated HD, Hope Devourer is one of the most powerful control cards in the game, due to its ability to create a 2 base attack swing over the rival, and because killing the Hope Devourer comes at a low cost. Equipping a Dragon Longsword, the player can kill Hope Devourer without taking any net damage due to the 7 armor reward. Even without such a reward, it would probably still be worth including Hope Devourer just for the 2 base attack swing.

A single Hope Devourer play, especially early on, can outright settle the game by itself. This card is highly recommended for any control-oriented Ozan deck.

Note that Hope Devourer uses the steal effect. Steal only works if there is something to steal from. In other words, if the rival is already on one base attack, you cannot steal another, and killing Hope Devourer will have no effect but to reward 7 armor. This makes 1 AP decks like Ariane's quite effective against Hope Devourer. Don't play 2 Hope Devourers unless the rival has increased their base attack above 1 in between playing them.

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