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These cards are in the location family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Amascut Ruins     Location   Your next Creature loses 4 health
Amuscut Ruins     Location   Your next Creature loses 4 health
Artisan's Workshop     Location   2 Gain 3 Weapon Durability.  
Bandit Camp     Location   2 Remove Health from rival equal to half their Gold.  
Bartak's Anvil     Location   4 Your Weapon Attack equals its Durability.   2
Black Marketeer     Location   1 Add 1 cost to rival's next Support.  
Combat Academy     Location   1 2/2  
Crypt     Location   1 Gain Health equal to your Total Attack.
Remove weapon.
Dominion Tower     Location   Deal damage to your next Creature equal to the attack of your Rival's next Creature
Dragon Forge     Location   Spend Gold equal to your Weapon Durability and double your Weapon Durability.  
Duel Tournament     Location   1 Battle rival.
Draw 1 card.
Falador Party Room     Location   Draw 4 cards.
Discard 2 random cards.
Fight Cauldron     Location   72 Remove 8 Health.   2
Fight Pit     Location   1 Gain Gold equal to your Armour.
Remove all Armour.
Goblin Village     Location   2 Both Legends draw a card.  
Grand Exchange     Location   Reduce the cost of your next purchase by 3. Reduce the cost of your Rival's next purchase by 1.
Jaldraocht Pyramid     Location   3 Rival's next Creature loses 2 health
Kalphite Egg Chamber     Location   2 Add 2 random Kalphites to your hand.  
Kyzaj Tournament     Location   1 Add 1 Base Attack to rival.  
Lumbridge Fields     Location   Your next Creature gains 2 health. Your Rival's next Creature gains 2 health.
Monolith Chamber     Location   Remove 3 Armour.
Remove 4 Health from the next Creature.
Pirates' Hideout     Location   1 Add 3 Cannonball to your hand.
Take 3 damage.
Pyramid Plunder     Location   4 Rival gains 2 Gold.  
Ranging Guild     Location   5 1 Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Rogues' Den     Location   4 Discard 1 random card.  
Safe Spot     Location   Discard 1 random card.
Remove 5 Health from your next Creature.
Varrock Museum     Location   2 Gain Gold equal to your Weapon Durability.
Remove your weapon.
Wilderness     Location   1 Deal 2 damage to rival.
Battle rival.
Wizard's Tower     Location   Add a random spell to your hand
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