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Location cards

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These cards are in the location family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Amascut Ruins     Location   Your next Creature loses 4 health
Artisan's Workshop     Location   2 Gain 3 Weapon Durability.  
Bandit Camp     Location   2 Remove Health from rival equal to half their Gold.  
Bartak's Anvil     Location   4 Your Weapon Attack equals its Durability.   2
Black Marketeer     Location   1 Add 1 cost to rival's next Support.  
Combat Academy     Location   1 2/2  
Crypt     Location   1 Gain Health equal to your Total Attack. Remove weapon.  
Dragon Forge     Location   Spend Gold equal to your Weapon Durability and double your Weapon Durability.  
Duel Tournament     Location   1 Battle rival. Draw 1 card.
Falador Party Room     Location   Draw 4 cards. Discard 2 random cards.  
Fight Cauldron     Location   72 Remove 8 Health.   2
Fight Pit     Location   1 Gain Gold equal to your Armour. Remove all Armour.  
Goblin Village     Location   2 Both Legends draw a card.  
Grand Exchange     Location   Reduce the cost of your next purchase by 3. Reduce the cost of your Rival's next purchase by 1.
Kalphite Egg Chamber     Location   2 Add 2 random Kalphites to your hand.  
Kyzaj Tournament     Location   1 Add 1 Base Attack to rival.  
Monolith Chamber     Location   Remove 3 Armour. Remove 4 Health from the next Creature.  
Pirates' Hideout     Location   1 Add 3 Cannonball to your hand. Take 3 damage.  
Pyramid Plunder     Location   4 Rival gains 2 Gold.  
Ranging Guild     Location   5 1 Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Rogues' Den     Location   4 Discard 1 random card.  
Safe Spot     Location   Discard 1 random card. Remove 5 Health from your next Creature.   4
Varrock Museum     Location   2 Gain Gold equal to your Weapon Durability. Remove your weapon.  
Wilderness     Location   1 Deal 2 damage to rival. Battle rival.  
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