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Ogre cards

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These cards are in the ogre family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Chaos Dwogre     Ogre   7 9 24 If your Rival has a weapon, equip a copy of it.  
Gorad     Ogre   4 2 1 Aggressive. Give both Legend's next creatures Aggressive.  
Grunsh     Ogre   4 4 2 Draw an Ogre with 6 Attack or more.  
Jogre Shaman     Ogre   4 9 Deal damage to rival equal to their hand size +4.  
Ogre Brute     Ogre   6 6 If rival has 5 or more Base Attack, remove 1 Base Attack from rival.  
Ogre Chieftain     Ogre   5 10 2 Deal damage to rival equal to their Total Attack +4.  
Ogre Warlord     Ogre   6 10 1 Set both Legends to have 5 Armour.  
Ogress Champion     Ogre   3 5 Set Health and Attack of rival's next Creature equal to rival's Base Attack +1.  
Zogre Mauler     Ogre   7 4 11 For each Creature slain by your rival, draw a Creature.  
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