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Ozan is a playable legend, released alongside the Closed Beta. His strategy is focused on attacking the rival and acquiring gold, commonly using cards such as Skeleton Champion and Ling, the Assassin.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ozan is an accomplished thief, archer, and bard, and a Signature Hero, featuring in various desert quests in RuneScape 3. He was born in Al Kharid and raised in the great city of Varrock, where he picked up his skills of thievery and agility. He often tells stories of "his" escapades, preferring to sensationalize them rather than provide accurate details. He is often driven by emotion and a desire for fame rather than doing what is right.

Playstyle[edit | edit source]

Ozan's themes are gold manipulation, stealing, and cards with double-edged effects. His cards grant him access to more gold than any other legend, and Ozan is capable of stealing any stat in the game except for health (health stealing being Vanescula's specialty). Ozan can use his thievery to upset a player's chapter curve, such as using Al Kharid Warrior to steal a rival's gold and causing them to forfeit a support card they can no longer afford. Sometimes theft can ruin a rival's entire adventure, like Ozan playing Highwayman to help himself to a nicely buffed weapon from Linza that she had spent several turns to assemble.

Ozan's strategies are either very aggressive or gold intensive. He excels at griefing and tempo-based plays. Ozan's signature gold-earning card is the Amascut Templeguard, which doubles his current gold value. With enough gold, Ozan can convert his vast wealth into burst damage using Ling, the Assassin or Lady Raven. Despite the potential here, these cards have high risk and are too easy to counter with Redbeard Frank.

Aggressive cards for Ozan include Skeleton Champion, Snap Shot, Deadshot and Desert Snake. These can turn out a lot of damage in short order.

In a more control style, Ozan has one of the most powerful creatures in the game, Hope Devourer, and Dragon Set is possibly the single best equipment card in the game as well. Just by sustaining through damage and focusing on a few select counters, Ozan can hit these power cards late in the game and dominate his opponent.

The underpinning of Ozan's success is his ability to make tempo plays. For example, Safe Spot has zero gold cost and removes a whopping five health from his next creature. Pyramid Plunder grants 4 gold; Donation draws 3 cards, and Rogues' Den grants 4 gold. All of these cards have zero gold cost associated with them, which means Ozan can always play them for a big effect. The tradeoff, rather than gold, is usually in a discard effect or a significant benefit to his rival. Ozan pays a price for his efficiency, but it can pay off immensely depending on his luck. The same can be said for a perfectly timed thievery play to grief an opponent at a crucial point in their strategy and drastically affect the game's course. Ozan lives on the edge of chance, a dice roll away from an easy win or certain defeat.

Counters[edit | edit source]

The best counters to Ozan are aggressive burst or strong sustain. Ozan doesn't supplement his defensive stats naturally, so if he gets greedy and takes damage playing cards like Amascut Templeguard, Desert Snake, or Skeleton Champion, he may run low on health. This makes burst damage lethal against Ozan, such as Earth Blast or Hurl Weapon.

If you cannot beat Ozan with aggression, you may be able to best him in the arena. Because Ozan doesn't typically stack much armor or base attack throughout the adventure, sustaining through his damage can be viable. Against slower Ozan decks, your best bet is to take advantage of his lower armor and OTK him.

Griefing Ozan is also very strong. Weakening his attack, buffing his creatures, or hitting his gold can all be useful, because many of his key enablers deal punishing damage or cost high gold. For example, Skeleton Champion deals 8 damage. Hope Devourer has a whopping 15 health and 7 attack. Highwayman or Dragon Set cost 8 and 13 gold, respectively. Buffing one of these creatures or playing a Redbeard Frank to reset his gold accumulation can be crushing setbacks to Ozan snowballing a victory.

Most of all, watch out for Ozan's grief. An Ozan player absolutely relishes playing a Black Marketeer in slot 1 in the first chapter. Always expect an Al Kharid Warrior or even a Bob the Cat if you can tell it's a grief Ozan. If you see Ozan racking up tons of gold, he's up to no good. Be careful of playing close to the line against Ozan. At least, try to stay up 2 gold at all times.

Cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards can only be used by Ozan.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Al Kharid Warrior     None   2 5 1 Steal up to 2 Gold from rival.  
Amascut Mystic     None   6 4 4 If you have 4 or less gold, gain 4 Health.  
Amascut Templeguard     None   8 5 Spend 10 Gold. Gain 20 Gold.  
Bandit King     None   5 3 2 Steal up to 1 Gold and 1/1 from rival's Weapon.  
Captain Rovin     None   3 10 Halve the cost of your next support  
Desert Snake     Beast   3 1 Remove 3 Health. Remove 5 Health from rival.  
Desert Strykewyrm     Beast   7 6 52   2
Eruni, Ayuni & Leeuni     Beast   5 13 6 Kill your next Creature.  
Gnome Guard     None   3 2 3  
Hope Devourer     Beast   7 15 3 Steal up to 1 Base Attack from rival.  
Khnum     None   4 4 2 Rival gains 3 Gold. Gain 4 Temporary Attack.   3
Lady Keli     None   8 7 5 Add Snap Shot, Dazing Shot, and Deadshot to your hand.  
Leela     None   2 5 2 If rival has the most Total Attack, gain 1 Base Attack.  
Osman     None   5 13 13 Steal up to 5 Gold from rival.  
Scabarite Assassin     None   7 6 25/2  
Skeleton Champion     Undead   8 5 6/1 Deal 5 damage to rival.  
Ugthanki     Beast   1 4 42/1  
Ullek Mummy     Undead   8 6 2 Gain Gold equal to your Weapon Attack.  
Bandit Camp     Location   2 Remove Health from rival equal to half their Gold.  
Black Marketeer     Location   1 Add 1 cost to rival's next Support.  
Bob the Cat     Ally   1 Take damage equal to rival's Total Attack. Steal up to 3 Gold from rival.  
Darren Lightfinger     Ally   1 Discard 1 random card. Remove 4 cost from your next Support.  
Dazing Shot     Spell   1 Deal damage to rival equal to their next Creature's Attack.  
Deadshot     Spell   3 If rival has more than 20 health, deal 7 damage to them.   6
Deathtouched Darts     Equipment   10 6/2 Kill your next Creature.  
Donation     Spell   Add 4 Gold to rival. Draw 3 cards.  
Dragon Arrows     None   Gain 4 Temporary Attack.   Dragon Set
Dragon Set     Equipment   13 5/312 Add 2 copies of Dragon Arrows to your hand.  
Heist     Spell   1 2 Steal up to 5 Armour from rival.  
Highwayman     Ally   8 Steal rival's weapon.  
Lady Raven     Ally   20 Deal Damage equal to your total Gold.  
Ling, the Assassin     Ally   Deal damage to rival equal to half your Gold. Remove all your Gold.  
Loot Cache     Equipment   2 If rival has a weapon, gain 5 Armour.  
Mithril Arrows     Equipment   1 Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Pyramid Plunder     Location   4 Rival gains 2 Gold.  
Ranging Guild     Location   5 1 Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Rogues' Den     Location   4 Discard 1 random card.  
Safe Spot     Location   Discard 1 random card. Remove 5 Health from your next Creature.   4
Smuggler     Ally   2 Steal up to 3 Weapon Attack from rival Or Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Snap Shot     Spell   1 Deal damage to rival equal to your Weapon Attack +1.  
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