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This is a compendium of prior patch notes. Patch notes are directly copied from the official announcements without changes except formatting and release date

2016[edit | edit source]

1.4.0[edit | edit source]

Mod Merchant's celebratory announcement on release day

Date: July 13, 2016

Mod Vegard - Today's update is a big one as we see the arrival of a new legend and wide card balancing changes. Get in there!

General updates[edit | edit source]

  • Brand new Legend: Morvran the Slayer Master is here!
  • 37 new cards (link)
  • All new Slayer Tasks
  • New keyword: Slain - The number of creatures defeated by a legend in the current Chapter.
  • New keyword: Aggressive - When encountered, aggressive creatures attack first.
  • Card / play history feature (FOX: More like the BEST feature)
  • Major card rebalance
  • Twitch stream notification
  • Social media links
  • Mulligan timer has been reduced to 1 minute from 3 minutes.

Balancing changes[edit | edit source]

  • Kayle
    • Was: 2 attack, 2 health. 4/2 weapon reward
    • Now: 3 attack, 2 health with the effect "Remove 2 health from your next 2 Creatures." 3 armour reward
  • Morwenna
    • Was: 2 attack, 2 health with the effect "Add 3 Health to rival's next Creature. Deal 2 damage to rival."
    • Now: 2 attack and 2 health with the effect "Add an unmodified copy of your next creature to your hand. Make your next creature aggressive."
  • Haunted Soul
    • Was: 2 attack, 5 health with the effect "Deal 5 damage to rival" 2 gold reward
    • Now: 2 attack, 5 health with the effect "Deal 5 damage to rival" no reward
  • Earth Blast
    • Was: 8 gold cost with the effect "Deal damage to rival equal to your hand size x2."
    • Now: 6 gold cost with the effect "Deal damage to rival equal to the amount of Support cards in your hand x2."
  • Redbeard Frank
    • Was: 4 attack, 9 health with the effect "Remove all Gold from both Legends. Draw 2 cards."
    • Now: 7 attack, 3 health with the effect "Draw a Pirate, a Ship and add a Cannonball to your hand."
  • Enfeeble
    • Was: 0 gold cost with the effect "Discard 1 random card. Remove 5 attack from your next creature."
    • Now: 1 gold cost with the effect "Discard 1 random card. Remove 5 attack from your next creature."
  • Lady Hefin
    • Was: 3 gold cost with the effect "Gain 2 Health for each card in your hand."
    • Now: 2 gold cost with the effect "Gain 2 Health for each Creature in your hand."
  • Stagger
    • Was: 4 gold cost with the effect "Remove 1 Base Attack from rival."
    • Now: 0 gold cost with the effect "Exhaust yourself."
  • Kyzaj Tournament
    • Was: 0 gold cost with the effect "Add 3 gold to rival." 1 attack reward.
    • Now: 0 gold cost with the effect "Add 1 base attack to rival." 1 attack reward.
  • Zamorakian Occultist
    • Was: 7 attack, 5 health with the effect "Add 2 Asphyxiate to your hand." 2 gold reward
    • Now: 4 attack, 5 health with the effect "Add Asphyxiate to your hand." 2 gold reward
  • Black Knight Titan
    • Was: 5 attack, 8 health with the effect "Strike rival with their weapon. Remove weapon from rival."
    • Now: 7 attack, 8 health with the effect "Strike rival with their weapon. Exhaust."
  • Skeletal Peon
    • Was: 2 attack, 2 health with the effect "Draw 2 cards."
    • Now: 2 attack, 3 health with the effect "Draw 2 cards."
  • Smoke Barrage (Drawn from Ancient Spell book)
    • Was: 0 gold cost with the effect "Remove weapon from rival. Remove 2 Attack from your next Creature."
    • Now: 0 gold cost with the effect "Deal 3 damage to Rival. Rival discards 1 card"
  • Vengeance
    • Was: 0 gold cost with the effect "Deal damage to rival equal to your hand size + 5."
    • Now: 0 gold cost with the effect "Deal damage to rival equal to your hand size."
  • Lady Zay
    • Was: 0 gold cost with the effect "Deal 3 damage to rival, plus 3 damage per cannonball in your hand. Discard all Cannonball."
    • Now: 0 gold cost with the effect "Deal 2 damage per cannonball in your hand. Discard all Cannonball."
  • Ranis Drakan
    • Was: 7 attack, 14 health with the effect "Remove half of rival's Health. Remove half of your Health." 2 gold and 1 attack reward.
    • Now: 7 attack, 9 health with the effect "Set your Max Health to 15." 1 attack and 12 armour reward.
  • Zulrah
    • Was: 14 attack, 8 health with the effect "Add 2 Zulrah's Scales to your hand. Gain Gold equal to your hand size."
    • Now: 6 attack, 11 health with the effect "Add Zulrah's Scales to your hand." 4 gold and 4 armour reward.
  • Zulrah's Scales
    • Was: 0 gold cost with the effect "Remove 2 health." 4 gold reward.
    • Now: 0 gold cost with the effect "Remove 4 health." 8 gold reward.

Refund System Introduced[edit | edit source]

These cards are now fully refundable via the crafting system until 18th July

  • Kyzaj Tournament
  • Ranis Drakan
  • Morwenna
  • Kayle
  • Redbeard Frank
  • Black Knight Titan
  • Lady Zay
  • Lady Hefin
  • Zamorakian Occultist
  • Stagger
  • Ancient Spellbook
  • Lunar Spellbook

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Zulrah now adds the gold based on your hand size correctly.
  • Better error handling when spam clicking the collecting of quest rewards.
  • Flurry no longer removes durability when there are no combat cards present.
  • Ali Morrisane's voice no longer echos when he talks.
  • Crafting anim for second card no longer triggers when crafting the first card.
  • Fixed an issue where Steam session tickets were causing disconnections.
  • Arianes' weapon no longer remains after beating another Ariane.
  • Audio for Mutineer is now using a female voice for the sound effect.
  • Can no longer get locked out of games when pressing the Skip Tutorial button multiple times.
  • Maxed skilling values will no longer be shown as 80001/-1
  • Promotion Chest reward text is now rendered white.
  • A warning is given when you reach the Max Deck size
  • There is now sound effects on the sign post model when you've not got any more packs to open.
  • No more lighting artifacts for Pack opening in Low Detail setting.
  • Various UI elements now have sound effects added.

1.3.3[edit | edit source]

Date: June 24, 2016

Mod Deadly - Today's update is mainly focused on bug fixing and server stability improvements. Don't forget the Ranked season ends on Friday 1st July so not long left to climb those rank ladders! 

General Updates[edit | edit source]

  • You can now hide the pop up notifications from your friends by ticking the "mute notifications" button at the top of your friends list.  
  • While this is activated friends will no longer be able to send you challenge requests and pop ups from new friend requests will be hidden.  
  • Updated tool tip graphics in the tutorial  
  • Additional animations added to the large scale characters during game play and at the end of a match.  
  • Updated various card visuals and artwork 

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Undead Cow now does damage to opponent first.  
  • Improved Steam Validation tickets that previously caused disconnections.  
  • No longer able to accept a challenge while queuing for Dungeoneering.  
  • Steam "Offline Mode" is now better handled by the client. 
  • Pack opening plinth now renders correctly on low quality settings. 
  • Emote list can no longer be accessed after a game has ended  
  • Conceding a match no longer counts as a Chapter in the 'Complete 4 Chapters' quest.  
  • AI no longer has any issues with holding Tainted Cabbages.  
  • Adding an existing friend via the Post Game "Add friend" button no longer causes an error.  
  • Clicking the Back button in parts of the main menu no longer cancels pending friend challenges.  
  • SFX now triggers upon equipping a Title or Badge.  Emote VO now matches the displaying text bubble.  
  • Did you notice the small animation of Ozan at the bottom left of the main menu? No? Well, we've removed that now.  
  • Removed a little number denoting how many of a card a Player has on the crafting screen.  
  • Ozan now appropriately reacts when hit by an opponent via Battle and Strike effects.  
  • Improved server handling to prevent players being disconnected at the start of a session. 

1.3.2[edit | edit source]

Date: June 16, 2016

Mod Vegard

New content[edit | edit source]

  • New card art for many cards.
  • New Vanescula card - Necrovarus (6 / 4, Add an unmodified copy of your next Ally to your hand).
  • New purchasable skins for each legend.
  • Big legends now follow the action on the board.
  • Responsive UI support for larger screen resolutions.

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Main menu no longer flickers on login.
  • Ariane's hands have been re-positioned to not look so big.
  • Client now closes the game connection gracefully under specific edge cases.
  • Fixed an error with having too many quests on a user's profile.
  • Repeatedly removing a card from the board no longer causes a client error.
  • Steam "Offline Mode" is now better handled by the client.
  • Improved error handling if the server goes down when in the store.
  • Battle Plinth now removes on map build-down sequence.
  • Lava animation now plays in sync with the level build up.
  • Amascut Ruins is now spelled correctly.

1.3.1[edit | edit source]

Date: June 1, 2016

Mod Deadly

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Improved stability of finding games across different servers.
  • Opponents hand size displays correctly when adding cards to their hand via an effect.
  • Main menu buttons now function correctly after canceling a challenge from a friend.
  • Switching monitor via the settings menu now works correctly and gives a warning that the client will need restarting in order to apply the change.
  • Creating a deck no longer flickers from your previous Legend choice.
  • Cards animate correctly when opponent is at max hand size.
  • Camera effects are applied to the 3D icons on the cards.
  • Performance improvements when crafting a significant volume of cards.
  • Window resolution options are generated correctly in graphic options.
  • Improved error handing for Steam clients.
  • Emotes are cleared correctly at the end of a game.
  • Server stability fix for when status changes within the Client
  • Improved error handling when on the store if the server goes down.
  • The rank icon no longer flickers for a frame at the end of a ranked match.
  • Fail Purchase sound effect now works correctly.

General Improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Edited matchmaking so that you are never matched up with a player that is at 2 leagues above or below you.
  • Additional support for localisation.
  • Depth of field effect now covers 3D icons during the watch phase.
  • The concede button no longer appears when the match is going to be concluded on that chapter.
  • Adjusting monitor settings is now functional.
  • The "fail purchase" sound effect now works correctly.
  • Reduced the delay between the timer running out and the gameplay advancing.
  • VO refreshed to newer recorded versions.
  • Fixed a few instances where Steam tokens were being deemed invalid.
  • Reflect, Repurpose and Anticipation now have their custom animations present.
  • Card-specific sound effects are back. Friends of Al Kharid may once again receive pies as a reward!

1.3.0[edit | edit source]

Date: May 19, 2016 This was in preparation for the game's end of beta and official release on May 26, 2016.

Mod Deadly

New Content[edit | edit source]

New Ranked Seasons[edit | edit source]

  • Complete overhaul of the Ranked game play.
  • All new promotion mechanics allowing for self promotion by winning successive games.
  • New promotion Reward Chests with guaranteed card packs and crafting materials.
  • Season Card Back that increases in value as you move up the leagues.
  • Season Titles and Emblems based on your final league position.
  • Additional Platinum league to test your skill.

Diamond League[edit | edit source]

  • All new end-game league for high level play.
  • ELO ranking system for a real representation of rank and improved matchmaking.
  • Degrading rank over time to prevent stagnation.
  • Unique rewards for the Diamond league and top 10 players.

General Additions[edit | edit source]

  • The entire game has been localised in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Polish.
  • Menu flow for Solo, Casual, Ranked and Dungeoneering has been reworked so you can jump straight back into the action.
  • New level build up and build down animations.
  • New custom cursor
  • Disconnection improvements (see below for more details).
  • Massive performance improvements to deck manager.
  • Improved Anti-aliasing Quality for those running Medium to High Quality settings.
  • Due to player demand we have removed the screen shake from hitting with high attack values.
  • You can now preview any cards that are drawn via an effect

New Cards[edit | edit source]

Here are some new additions, all for Vanescula to sink her teeth into.

  • Ripper Demon - 11 attack and 9 health Demon with the effect "Strike.Exhaust. Or Mortal. Strike."
  • Harold - 4 attack and 7 health creature card with the effect "Remove 4 attack from your next Vampyre." 1 gold and 2 health reward.
  • Blood Tithe - 2 gold cost spell with the effect "Mortal:Increase Health to 15."
  • Culling the Weak - 2 gold cost spell with the effect "If your next creature has 4 attack or less, reduce its health by 4."

Balancing Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Melzar the Mad
    • Was: 2/5, Rewards 1 Gold, Adds 3 Tainted Cabbage to Rival’s hand.
    • Now: 2/5, Rewards 1 Gold, Adds 1 Tainted Cabbage to Rival’s hand. Adds 3 Tainted Cabbage to Rival’s Deck.
  • Jogre Shaman
    • Was: 4/9, Rewards 2 Gold, Deals damage to Rival equal to their hand size x2
    • Now: 4/9, Deal damage to Rival equal to their hand size +4
  • Fern
    • Was: 4/3, Add 4 Health to Rival’s next creature
    • Now: 4/5, Add 3 Health to Rival’s next creature
  • Ogre Brute
    • Was: 6/8. Exhaust Rival.
    • Now: 6/6. If your Rival has 5 or more Base Attack, our Rival loses 1 Base Attack.

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the pixel gap at the bottom of the in game Ui
  • Fixed rare case where some users got too many starter quests.
  • Failing to load a profile no longer causes infinite page flipping.
  • Old Lightmaps are no longer referenced by the Client.
  • Users no longer struggle to connect to a game if they lost connection from a previous one.
  • Opponents cards now turn around when an Effect is triggered on them.
  • Levels animate correctly at the end of a match.
  • Daily Wins UI has been removed from Challenge games to remove confusion.
  • Fixed rare occurrences of instantly being disconnected at point of matchmaking.
  • Wins of the day now increment correctly.
  • Hurl now has audio hooked up.
  • Bloodveld no longer allows you to survive with 0 health.
  • Client no longer errors when queuing a solo game immediately after skipping tutorial.
  • Titles and other UI text now have their black outline reinstated.
  • Tabs should now work in MyChronicle Section.
  • Closed BETA rewards are no longer triggering again.
  • Skilling Experience bars will now trigger the level rotation icon upon levelling up.
  • Improved stability of finding games across different servers.
  • Title text and other in game text now has a black border.
  • Your Legend now faces the camera correctly at the end of the game.
  • Camera transitioning to Legends feet on concede no longer occurs.
  • Added in some checks to ensure client stability.
  • Effect scrolls are now removed when you can't afford that card.
  • Effect text no longer remains on the map when you cannot afford the Dragon Warhammer.
  • The Store lighting no longer flickers on Low settings.
  • Number of unopened packs is now present on the Main Menu.
  • Cards no longer overlap when opening a lot of packs whilst PC is under load.
  • VO no longer overlaps with other audio at the end of the game.
  • Cancelling a match just as your match made no longer removes the Legend Icons from the UI.
  • Confirm button on Mulligan will now always appear.
  • UI HUD now correctly removes Armour icon when you've dealt a lethal blow.
  • Fixed an animation error when conceding during a special attack.
  • Curator and Armadylean protector title now have their proper graphics.
  • Tidied up some animation flickers in Dungeoneering.
  • MyChronicle now comes equipped with ToolTips!
  • Fixed an error with Lightmaps when changing settings mid game.
  • Fixed a camera issue when transitioning from Main Menu to Pack Opening.
  • Logging out whilst the Chapter UI is present no longer keeps it on the login page.
  • Fixed some camera issues in the end game flow.
  • Fixed rogue particle effects during Deck Building.
  • Tooltips for Keywords now display in the Mulligan Phase.
  • Legends no longer float as they approach the battle plinth.
  • Damage animations now trigger when taking Strike Damage from opponent.
  • Player figure is no longer floating on the Final Battle Plinth in the Wilderness.
  • Opening Settings / Friends list no longer removes Blur.
  • Trash all extras now only appears when there are excess cards to trash.
  • Blur is no longer removed when crafting.
  • Level Reward sequence now shows correct rewards.
  • Settings button no longer becomes disabled, randomly.
  • Can now issue challenges when the server reboots without restarting the game client.
  • Cards overlap each other when creating a deck.
  • Spam clicking cards into a new deck can cause cards to become inactive.
  • Skipping the tutorial follows the flow of conceding a game.
  • Friends can be shown as available to challenge when they are still on Chapter 5 of their current game.
  • Weapon Glow is now removed when you lose a weapon.
  • Pack Opening no longer suffers from clipping issues.
  • Page turning when navigating the Main menu is now more consistent.
  • Clipping issues with the card model on some boards.
  • Camera angle obscuring the player on Grand Exchange.
  • Text remaining on screen following server issues at Mulligan Stage.
  • Navigating quickly through deck manager will no longer cause performance issues.
  • Ariane now has her "Thanks" VO implemented.
  • We've cured Infernal Mage and now no longer suffers from Z-fighting.
  • Large objects on the game board now remove when they obscure the gameplay.
  • Optimised animations during battles and strikes.
  • Long Deck Names now fit onto the main menu better.
  • Arrows on the tutorial now align correctly.
  • Hovering over a card when turn timered no longer makes that card appear massive!
  • Diamond cards no longer suffer from Z-Fighting.
  • Entering Deck Manager is now a lot smoother.
  • Searching and navigating through Deck Manager is a pleasant experience.
  • The clickzone for a Pack now matches the model size.
  • Slots no longer animate away horizontally when doing the tutorial.
  • Deck names can now have spaces (Mod Fox's favorite)

Open Beta[edit | edit source]

1.2.5[edit | edit source]

Date: May 4, 2016

1.2.4 missed announcement[edit | edit source]

Date: May 3, 2016 Date: April 28, 2016

1.2.3[edit | edit source]

Date: April 20, 2016

1.2.2[edit | edit source]

Date: April 11, 2016

1.2.1[edit | edit source]

Date: April 1, 2016

March[edit | edit source]

Open beta began on March 16, 2016 following a 6 week hiatus from the end of closed beta.

Mod Merchant's announcement

Mod Jim's announcement

Closed Beta[edit | edit source]

Closed Beta ended on February 8th, followed by a 6 week duration in which the game was not available. (Large announcement link)

January[edit | edit source]

Date: January 29, 2016

Date: January 21, 2016

Date: January 8, 2016

December[edit | edit source]

Date: December 14, 2015

Date: December 2, 2015

November[edit | edit source]

Date: November 27, 2015

Date: November 26, 2015

Closed Beta began on November 25, 2015.

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