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Pirate cards

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These cards are in the pirate family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Crazed Whaler     Pirate   6 6 2 Remove 2 Gold and 2 Weapon Durability from rival.  
Drunken Pirate     Pirate   3 2 1 Remove 1 Gold from rival.  
Mutineer     Pirate   4 3 1 Rival discards 1 random card.  
Redbeard Frank     Pirate   7 3 Draw a Pirate, a Ship and add a Cannonball to your hand.  
Rowdy Cannoneer     Pirate   2 5 Deal 4 damage to rival. Add 1 Cannonball to rival's hand.  
Saucy Wench Deckhand     Pirate   4 3 Remove 1 Gold from rival. Add 2 Cannonball to your hand.  
Scarface Pete     Pirate   4 9 Rival discards 3 random cards.  
South Sea Pillager     Pirate   4 3 1/1 Remove 2 Gold from rival.  
Sticky Sanders     Pirate   Spend 1 Cannonball from your hand and deal 4 damage to rival. Add Sticky Sanders to your hand.  
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