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Potion cards

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These cards are in the potion family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Antifire Potion     Potion   1 3 Remove 5 Attack from your next Dragon.  
Beer     Potion   1 2 Gain 2 Temporary Attack.  
Defence Potion     Potion   2 Remove 4 Attack from your next Creature.  
Explosive Potion     Potion   1 Remove a random Location from rival's deck.  
Relicym's Balm     Potion   4 If you have 1 Base Attack, gain 2 Base Attack.  
Restore Potion     Potion   3 5 Draw 2 cards.  
Saradomin Brew     Potion   4 2 Gain Health equal to your Armour.  
Stamina Potion     Potion   6 71  
Strength Potion     Potion   4 Gain 5 Temporary Attack.  
Unstable Concoction     Potion   1 Spend 1 Potion from your hand and deal 7 damage to rival.  
Vial of Water     Potion   1  
Weapon Poison     Potion   Add 2 Weapon Attack and remove 1 Weapon Durability.  
Wizard Mindbomb     Potion   1 Remove 2 Health. Draw 3 cards.  
Zamorak Brew     Potion   3 1 Remove 7 Health. Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
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