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Rare cards

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This page lists cards of Rare rarity, which are indicated by a five-sided Ruby symbol.

Neutral Rare cards can be crafted using 500 Gem Shards and can be recycled for 100 Gem Shards.

Legend-specific Rare cards can be crafted using 600 Gem Shards and can be recycled for 120 Gem Shards.

For lists of other card rarities, see Common cards, Uncommon cards, and Very rare cards.

List of Rare cards[edit | edit source]

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Automaton Guardian     None   4 6 1 Remove 4 Health from your next Creature. Deal 4 damage to rival.  
Black Demon     Demon   9 6 Deal 4 Damage to both Legends. Strike rival. Exhaust.  
Cerberus     Beast   4 5 23 Deal 3 damage to all your Creatures in play.  
Chaos Elemental     None   5 12 4 Reduce the cost of your next Support and the health of your next creature by the Attack of this creature  
Commander Zilyana     None   7 13 712  
Count Draynor     Vampyre   2 4 Steal up to 3 Health from your next Creature.  
Dire Wolf     Beast   7 4 Spend 1 Beast from your hand and gain 1 Base Attack.  
Dragith Nurn     Undead   3 2 Discard 2 random cards. Draw 2 Undead cards. Gain 1 Temporary Attack.  
Elvarg     Dragon   12 8 Take 8 damage. Gain Base Attack equal to half your current Base Attack.   Wormbrain
Eruni, Ayuni & Leeuni     Beast   5 13 6 Kill your next Creature.  
Fern     None   4 5 Add 3 Health to rival's next Creature.  
General Graardor     Ork   8 13 7/3  
Gluttonous Behemoth     Beast   6 19 3 Gain Health to maximum.  
Ice Troll     Troll   5 9 2/6  
K'ril Tsutsaroth     Demon   13 7 5/1 Kill your next Demon.  
Kalphite Marauder     Kalphite   6 6 3 Draw an Equipment with a weapon reward.  
Lava Dragon     Dragon   15 9 51 Remove 2 Health from all Creatures. Deal 2 damage to both Legends.  
Living Sacrifice     None   2 Add 2 Health to all rival's Creatures in play
Mej-Kah     Tzhaar   4 10 3/35 Battle rival.  
Melzar the Mad     None   2 5 1 Add 1 Tainted Cabbage to rival's hand. Add 3 Tainted Cabbage to rival's deck.  
Necrovarus     Undead   6 4 Add an unmodified copy of your next Ally to your hand.  
Rune Dragon     Dragon   7 14 4 Gain 4 Weapon Attack. Remove 8 Health from your next Creature.  
Scarface Pete     Pirate   4 9 Rival discards 3 random cards.  
Tenebra     Vampyre   7 13 Steal up to 8 Health from rival.  
Tormented Demon     Demon   4 10 4/21 Deal 4 damage to both Legends.  
TzTok-Jad     Tzhaar   15 7 41  
Wormbrain     Goblin   2 2 1/3 Remove 2 Gold. Add Elvarg to your hand.  
Yk'Lagor     Demon   6 13 2 Remove all your Armour.  
50 Ships Mufassah     Ally   If you have a Ship in your hand, gain 5 Gold  
Ambush     None   Strike rival. Steal rival's weapon.
Ancient Spellbook     Equipment   8 Add Blood, Ice, Shadow, and Smoke Barrage to your hand.  
Barbarian Honour     None   Whichever player has slain fewest creatures, take 5 damage.
Barker Toad     Familiar   1 Spend 1 Cannonball from your hand and deal 7 damage to rival.  
Blood Barrage     Spell   8 Deal 2 damage to rival. Remove 2 Health from your next Creature.   Ancient Spellbook
Boost     Spell   Add 3 Health and 5 Attack to rival's next Creature.   Lunar Spellbook
Borrowed Power     Spell   Gain Temporary Attack equal to rival's Total Attack +1.   Lunar Spellbook
Burntmeat     Ally   3 Draw 4 cards.  
Crypt     Location   1 Gain Health equal to your Total Attack. Remove weapon.  
Deathtouched Darts     Equipment   10 6/2 Kill your next Creature.  
Dragon Egg     None   1 Draw a Dragon with 8 Health or more.  
Dragon Forge     Location   Spend Gold equal to your Weapon Durability and double your Weapon Durability.  
Gear Up     None   Rival discards their hand and draws 5 cards.
Ghostship     Ship   3 Rival discards 2 random cards.  
Granite Maul     Equipment   5 4/2 Deal 4 damage to rival.  
Group Heal     Spell   5 Add 2 Health to rival's next Creature.   Lunar Spellbook
Haemalchemist     Ally   10 Add Health to rival's next Creature equal to your next Creature's Health.  
Highwayman     Ally   8 Steal rival's weapon.  
Ice Barrage     Spell   Deal 5 damage to rival. Remove 4 Health from your next Creature.   Ancient Spellbook
Intimidation     None   Whichever player has the most armour, gains 1 Base Attack.
Lunar Spellbook     Equipment   8 Add Boost, Borrowed Power, Group Heal, and Vengeance to your hand.  
Midnight Raid     None   Strike rival. Steal up to 3 Gold from rival.
Moment of Opportunity     None   Collect your 2 Card Backs, 50 Booster Packs, 2500 Gem Shards and 2500 Platinum Ingots now.
Preparation     Spell   Gain Gold equal to half your next Creature's Attack.  
Reflect     Spell   5 Deal damage to rival equal to your next Creature's Attack.  
Repurpose     Spell   Spend weapon and gain 8 Armour.  
Riches     None   Gain Gold equal to rival's hand size.
Rum     None   2
Shadow Barrage     Spell   Remove 1 Base Attack from rival. Remove 2 Attack from your next Creature.   Ancient Spellbook
Shug     Ally   Swap the Attack and Health of your next Creature.  
Smoke Barrage     Spell   Deal 3 damage to rival. Rival discards 1 card.   Smoke Barrage
Surprise Attack     None   Strike rival. Steal up to 5 Armour from rival.
Tainted Cabbage     None   Remove 1 Health.   Melzar the Mad
The Adventurous     Ship   4 Add 3 random Pirates to your hand.  
Vengeance     Spell   Deal damage to rival equal to your hand size.   Lunar Spellbook
Weak Spot     None   If rival doesn't have a weapon, deal 4 damage to rival.
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