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The Raptor

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The Raptor, also known as The Tank, is a playable Legend, released alongside Chronicle's Closed Beta. His strategy focuses on fighting enemies and stacking Armour and Attack, using cards such as Ice Nihil and Corporeal Beast, or buffs like Amulet of Fury to do so.


Background[edit | edit source]

The Raptor is a mysterious and adept warrior and one of RuneScape's Signature Heroes. He rarely speaks, but when he does, it is only about combat: to him, only achievements in combat matter. He spent some time as a Slayer master following the discovery of four new elite monsters, but he tired of it quickly and returned to exploring Gielinor to find increasingly difficult combat challenges. Because of his love of combat, his solutions for problems often consist of destroying everything, and, as a result, he often comes across as arrogant and violent.

Playstyle[edit | edit source]

The Raptor is the brawler of the game. Referred to as "The Tank," he specializes in amassing massive quantities of Armour through cards like Barricade and Corporeal Beast. This makes The Raptor the most resilient Legend in the game, and an unstoppable force in the the final fight, where he will simply outlast most weapons and then grind the opponent down. Complementing his tankiness is a penchant for Base Attack. Steel Titan and Amulet of Fury are just some of his avenues for raising base attack. Along with his Armour, this makes The Raptor a great brawler who can tank a few hits and deal some of his own in battling his rival or big creatures. The Raptor is capable of ramping up over the course of an adventure to become a fearsome fighter and one of the most difficult to take down in direct combat.

In order to stack armor, The Raptor may sacrifice a lot of Health. Cards like Void Brawler and Fight Cauldron remove significant Health in exchange for roughly equal Armour. A common strategy is to drop low in Health in order to raise armor, and then use Saradomin Brew to return to maximum Health again, which restores health equivalent to armor. More expensive decks may also run the Diamond creature card Corporeal Beast, which grants armor equal to health, the opposite of Saradomin Brew. This makes it very difficult to prevent The Raptor from stacking high survivability. If he's not pressured early, the armor stacking could be overwhelming late in the adventure. This makes him one of the best starting classes, where players don't yet have cards to counter armor stacking.


The Raptor may leverage his high armor as burst damage through Dondakan's Cannon, dealing half his total armor as damage to the Rival, or for various other effects, such as the Ogre Trader, where he spends armor to pay for support cards. Battle effects are also strong with The Raptor, as he can afford to exchange blows with his Rival.

One of The Raptor's best advantages for beginners is his starting card Bash, a potent and efficient soft counter to weapons. The Raptor may be one of the easier classes to play, just because he has a tool available against weapon decks like Linza's, and also his armor makes him difficult to destroy with aggro strategies, which most starting Ariane and Venescula decks focus on.

Counters[edit | edit source]

The biggest obstacle when confronting The Raptor is his ability to ramp up in Health and Base Attack. In order to stop this, tech cards such as Green Dragon or Ogre Warlord are useful for their ability to quickly eliminate the Raptor's Armour. A deck strictly focused on Health removal, like 1 AP Ariane, or a big combo deck like Linza (beware Black Knight Titan) can bypass or crash through armor and overwhelm even the Tank.

If you choose to remove Armour, try to anticipate a Saradomin Brew. Saradomin Brew doubles the value of his armor, as each point of armor is worth not just damage in armor, but an eventual health restore as well. Removing at around 15-20 armor usually stunts the Raptor and makes it difficult for him to recover. If you don't have a plan to hard counter or otherwise deal with his armor, it's crucial to keep him under pressure by chipping away at his armor. This punishes him for his big health investments into armor from cards like Fight Cauldron.

Don't be afraid to make risky plays with your health in order to be aggressive, especially if you know you will lose the Final Fight. The Raptor often isn't equipped to punish you with burst for having lower health―at least not if you keep his armor total down.

The Raptor needs 4 gold for Saradomin Brew, 5 gold for Steel Titan, 6 gold for Stamina Potion, and 8 gold for Amulet of Fury. As a result, stealing gold can be an effective Ozan strategy. Try to take note of what Raptor decks you are facing so you can anticipate these gold thresholds. Another concern is Reflect at 5 gold, which is The Raptor's strongest form of aggro that's available to him with little Armour.

Also important to remember for beginners: Try not to end a chapter with a weapon in hand against The Raptor. The Raptor more than any other class will most likely have a means of weapon removal. You want to equip a weapon at the start of a chapter and immediately use it, rather than at the end.

Cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards can only be used by The Raptor.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Animated Armour     None   2 6 2 Gain Armour equal to your Total Attack.  
Armoured Zombie     Undead   1 3 4  
Chaos Dwarf     None   4 4 32/2 Remove 1 Weapon Attack from rival.  
Corporeal Beast     Beast   7 14 Gain Armour equal to your Health.  
Crazed Whaler     Pirate   6 6 2 Remove 2 Gold and 2 Weapon Durability from rival.  
Giant Champion     Giant   5 10 1 Spend weapon and gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Goblin Brute     Goblin   3 2 11 Deal 2 damage to rival.   3
Ice Nihil     None   7 5 14 Gain Armour equal to rival's Total Attack.  
Revenant Dark Beast     Undead   8 10 2 Draw 1 Potion. Gain 3 Temporary Attack. Strike rival. Exhaust.  
Rock Crab     Beast   1 4 42  
TokHaar-Ket     Tzhaar   6 10 Spend 4 Armour and gain 2 Base Attack.  
Troll General     Troll   6 9 3 Remove 2 Weapon Attack from rival. Remove 4 Attack from your next Creature.  
TzHaar-Ket     Tzhaar   5 10 3 If you have the most Armour, remove all rival's Armour and deal them 6 damage.  
Varrock Guard     None   2 5 1 Gain Armour equal to half rival's Gold.  
Void Brawler     None   7 2 8 Remove 6 Health.  
Yk'Lagor     Demon   6 13 2 Remove all your Armour.  
Zombie Monkey     Undead   1 2 Add 2 Attack to your rival's next creature.  
Amulet of Fury     Equipment   8 2  
Anticipation     Spell   2 Gain Health equal to rival's Total Attack.  
Assault     Spell   Spend 2 Armour and deal 4 damage to your rival.  
Barricade     Action   4 10 Remove 5 Attack from your next Creature.  
Bash     Spell   1 Rival takes 3 damage and loses 2 Weapon Durability.  
Berserker Shield     Equipment   2 If you have 10 or more Armour, gain 1 Base Attack.  
Defence Potion     Potion   2 Remove 4 Attack from your next Creature.  
Destroy     Spell   Spend 6 Armour to kill your next Creature.  
Dondakan's Cannon     Equipment   2 Deal damage to rival equal to half your Armour.   6
Fight Cauldron     Location   72 Remove 8 Health.   2
Fight Pit     Location   1 Gain Gold equal to your Armour. Remove all Armour.  
Frenzy     Spell   Remove 2 Health. Remove Health from your next Creature equal to half your Armour.  
Monolith Chamber     Location   Remove 3 Armour. Remove 4 Health from the next Creature.  
Ogre Trader     Ally   Spend Armour to pay for your next Support.  
Preparation     Spell   Gain Gold equal to half your next Creature's Attack.  
Reflect     Spell   5 Deal damage to rival equal to your next Creature's Attack.  
Saradomin Brew     Potion   4 2 Gain Health equal to your Armour.  
Slam     Spell   4 Deal 5 damage to rival. Remove 4 Weapon Durability from rival.  
Steel Titan     Familiar   6 1 Deal 5 damage to rival.   4
TokTz-Ket-Em     Equipment   Spend 4 Armour and gain a 3/6 weapon.  
War Tortoise     Familiar   Spend 3 Armour and draw 4 cards.  
Zamorak Brew     Potion   3 1 Remove 7 Health. Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
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