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Uncommon cards

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This page lists cards of Uncommon rarity, which are indicated by a square Emerald symbol.

Neutral Uncommon cards can be crafted using 100 Gem Shards and can be recycled for 20 Gem Shards.

Legend specific Uncommon cards can be crafted using 120 Gem Shards and can be recycled for 24 Gem Shards.

For lists of other card rarities, see Common cards, Rare cards, and Very rare cards.

List of Uncommon cards[edit | edit source]

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Abyssal Demon     Demon   4 4 2 Exhaust.
Remove Exhaust from your next Demon.
Afflicted     None   6 4 3 Gain Health equal to the attack of rival's next Creature.  
Amascut Mystic     None   6 4 4 If you have 4 or less gold, gain 4 Health.  
Animated Armour     None   2 6 2 Gain Armour equal to your Total Attack.  
Bandit King     None   5 3 2 Steal up to 1 Gold and 1/1 from rival's Weapon.  
Bloodveld Leecher     None   6 6 2 Battle rival.
Steal 2 Health from rival.
Captain Rovin     None   3 10 Halve the cost of your next support  
Chaos Dwogre     Ogre   7 9 24 If your Rival has a weapon, equip a copy of it.  
Crassian Warrior     None   7 3 1 Draw 2 cards.  
Crazed Whaler     Pirate   6 6 2 Remove 2 Gold and 2 Weapon Durability from rival.  
Customs Officer     None   2 5 1 Gain Gold equal to half of rival's Gold.  
Dr. Fenkenstrain     None   2 6 3 Add 3 Attack to rival's next Creature.
Add 3 Attack to your next Creature.
Dust Devil     None   2 7 1 Spend your weapon.
Rival loses 1 Base Attack.
Ellaron     None   5 3 Add 1 Health to all Creatures in play.  
Fiyr Shade     Undead   7 6 Spend 1 Base Attack and add Shade Remains to your hand.  
Giant Rat     Beast   2 2 Remove 2 Weapon Durability from rival.  
Goblin Trickster     Goblin   2 2 1 Remove a random Equipment from rival's deck.  
Gravecreeper     Undead   6 13 24 If you have 4 or more Allies in your hand, deal 15 damage to rival.
Always discard all Allies.
Greater Demon     Demon   8 5 2 Strike rival.
Grunsh     Ogre   4 4 2 Draw an Ogre with 6 Attack or more.  
Harold     None   4 7 12 Remove 4 attack from your next Vampyre.  
Hope Devourer     Beast   7 15 3 Steal up to 1 Base Attack from rival.  
Jogre Shaman     Ogre   4 9 Deal damage to rival equal to their hand size +4.  
Kal'Ger     Demon   12 8 Gain 2 Weapon Attack.
Strike rival.
King Black Dragon     Dragon   8 14 11  
Leela     None   2 5 2 If rival has the most Total Attack, gain 1 Base Attack.  
Lord Iban     Undead   5 5 Swap the Attack and Health of all your Undead creatures in play.  
Meg     None   4 3 2 Remove 4 cost from your next Ship.  
Mithril Dragon     Dragon   8 10 12  
Ogre Chieftain     Ogre   5 10 2 Deal damage to rival equal to their Total Attack +4.  
Ogre Warlord     Ogre   6 10 1 Set both Legends to have 5 Armour.  
Penguin Sheep     Beast   1 3 Spend 1 Base Attack and gain 5 Gold.  
Raging Kalphite     Kalphite   3 10 Remove all Armour from rival.  
Ripper Demon     Demon   11 9 Strike. Exhaust.
Mortal: Strike.
Rowdy Cannoneer     Pirate   2 5 Deal 4 damage to rival.
Add 1 Cannonball to rival's hand.
Saucy Wench Deckhand     Pirate   4 3 Remove 1 Gold from rival.
Add 2 Cannonball to your hand.
Skeletal Mage     Undead   5 4 3 If you have 1 Base Attack, remove 6 Health from rival.  
Stinkears     Goblin   2 5 Draw 2 Goblins.  
Tok-Xil     Tzhaar   2 5 2 Remove 4 Health from your next Creature.  
TokHaar-Ket     Tzhaar   6 10 Spend 4 Armour and gain 2 Base Attack.  
Troll General     Troll   6 9 3 Remove 2 Weapon Attack from rival.
Remove 4 Attack from your next Creature.
TzHaar-Hur     Tzhaar   4 10 24 Gain Weapon Durability equal to half rival's Armour.  
TzHaar-Ket     Tzhaar   5 10 3 If you have the most Armour, remove all rival's Armour and deal them 6 damage.  
Varrock Guard     None   2 5 1 Gain Armour equal to half rival's Gold.  
Weaponmaster     None   8 5 Spend 1 Equipment from your hand and gain 5 Weapon Attack.  
Zamorakian Occultist     None   4 5 2 Add Asphyxiate to your hand.  
Ambushed Hive     None   2 Spend 2 Kalphite from your hand and gain 10 Armour.  
Amulet of Fury     Equipment   8 2  
Anger of Delrith     None   If at least 2 Demons slain, Strike Rival.  
Antifire Potion     Potion   1 3 Remove 5 Attack from your next Dragon.  
Asphyxiate     Spell   1 Deal damage to rival equal to their next Creature's Attack x2.   Zamorakian Occultist
Blood Tithe     Spell   2 Mortal: Increase Health to 15.  
Bones     None   Deal 1 damage to both Legends.   Toughened Warrior
Brugsen Bursen     Ally   3 Add 4 cost to rival's next Support.  
Card Trick     None   Rival discards 2 random cards.
Chaotic Longsword     Equipment   4 6/2  
Chaotic Rapier     Equipment   2 Gain a 1/3 weapon.
Gain Weapon Attack equal to half rival's Armour.
Charging Monsters     None   Remove health from all creatures equal to the amount of Ogres in your hand.  
Crumble Undead     Spell   2 Remove 8 Health from your next Undead Creature.  
Crystal Flask     Equipment   Spend 1 Potion from your hand and gain 8 Health.  
Culling the Weak     Spell   2 If your next Creature has 4 attack or less, reduce its health by 4.  
Darren Lightfinger     Ally   1 Discard 1 random card.
Remove 4 cost from your next Support.
Destroy     Spell   Spend 6 Armour to kill your next Creature.  
Donation     Spell   Add 4 Gold to rival.
Draw 3 cards.
Earth Wave     Spell   5 Remove Health from rival equal to your hand size +4.
Discard all your cards.
Entangle     Spell   3 Deal Damage to your next Creature equal to your hand size.  
Flurry     Spell   Strike your next Creature.  
Frenzy     Spell   Remove 2 Health.
Remove Health from your next Creature equal to half your Armour.
Full Tetsu     Equipment   5 55  
Gorajo Hoardstalker     Familiar   6 65/2  
Heist     Spell   1 2 Steal up to 5 Armour from rival.  
Kalphite Acid     None   2 5 Remove 5 Health from your next Kalphite.  
Kaqemeex     Ally   1 Add 1 random Potion and 2 Water to your hand.  
Lady Hefin     Ally   2 Gain 2 Health for each Creature in your hand.  
Ling, the Assassin     Ally   Deal damage to rival equal to half your Gold.
Remove all your Gold.
Major Mary Rancour     Ally   1 1/1 Rival gains a 1/1 weapon.  
Pirates' Hideout     Location   1 Add 3 Cannonball to your hand.
Take 3 damage.
Preparing to Hunt     None   3 52/2 Draw 1 card.  
Ranging Guild     Location   5 1 Gain 3 Temporary Attack.  
Rantz     Ally   2 2/3 Deal 1 damage to your next Creature.  
Relicym's Balm     Potion   4 If you have 1 Base Attack, gain 2 Base Attack.  
Ring of Kinship     Equipment   2 2/6 Add 5 Armour to rival.  
Rust     None   Remove 5 Weapon Durability from rival.
Safalaan Hallow     Ally   2 Draw 1 Vampyre.  
Shadow Stalk     Spell   3 Battle rival.
Mortal: Strike rival.
Slam     Spell   4 Deal 5 damage to rival.
Remove 4 Weapon Durability from rival.
Stack o' Sharks     None   3 Mortal: Double your Health.  
Stagger     Spell   Exhaust yourself.  
Strength Potion     Potion   4 Gain 5 Temporary Attack.  
Tame     None   Remove Aggressive from your next Creature.  
Toughened Warrior     None   For each Ogre slain, add 2 copies of Bones to rival's deck.  
Unstable Concoction     Potion   1 Spend 1 Potion from your hand and deal 7 damage to rival.  
Wizard Traiborn     Ally   2 Add 1 Health and 3 Attack to rival's next Creature.  
Work Order     None   1 Spend weapon and add your Weapon Attack and 2 Health to rival's next Creature.  
Your Round!     None   Remove up to 3 Gold from rival.
If any gold was taken, add Rum to both player's hands.
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