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Vampyre cards

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These cards are in the Vampyre family.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Count Draynor     Vampyre   2 4 Steal up to 3 Health from your next Creature.  
Feral Vampyre     Vampyre   6 8 1  
Ranis Drakan     Vampyre   7 9 121 Set your Max Health to 15.  
Tenebra     Vampyre   7 13 Steal up to 8 Health from rival.  
Vampyre Juvinate     Vampyre   2 2 Add 1 Health to rival's next creature.  
Wyrd     Vampyre   7 3 Remove 4 Health from all rival's Creatures in play. Remove 2 Health from all your Creatures in play.  
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