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Vanescula is a playable legend, released during the Open Beta. Her strategy is based on manipulating the health of her enemies and rivals, relying on cards such as Alpha Werewolf and Gorge.


Background[edit | edit source]

Vanescula Drakan, Mistress of Darkmeyer, is one of the rulers of Morytania, featuring extensively in the Myreque quest series.

Playstyle[edit | edit source]

Vanescula is the vampiric queen of health control. She can steal health, from the rival or other creatures, gain huge benefits off of low health with Mortal effects, or even increase her maximum health with Vampyre Power, the only Legend in the game capable of doing so.

Vanescula creates highly efficient health swings through health stealing. For example, Vyrewatch steals 5 health. This means the opponent takes 5 health damage, while Vanescula gains 5 health. In total, it's a 10 health swing. On top of that, Vyrewatch discards 1 card from the opponent's hand, which can be useful against Ariane who needs Hand Size to deal damage or slow down an opponent who's stuck on only a few cards in hand. All of this costs 5 gold. Compare this to the neutral card Death Lotus Assassin, which also costs 5 gold but deals 8 damage to the rival with no bonus effects. Comparing Vyrewatch's 10 health swing plus bonus discard effect to the 8 health swing from the neutral card, and we see that although Vanescula has less burst, her efficiency in trading is greater.

Vanescula can take advantage of her efficient health manipulation in a couple ways. Probably the most popular way for beginners is through an aggressive deck with Mortal effects. Gorge is a 6 health transfer with the rival. Coupled with Alpha Werewolf, Vanescula is absolutely deadly while in Mortal range. A 15-health Vanescula can deal 14 damage to her opponent in 2 turns and come out at 21 health after the exchange.

Because Vanescula has such synergy with Mortal Effects, taking health damage is often an advantage. Part of learning to play Vanescula is playing calculated with your health as a resource. Sometimes it's best to opt into taking 8 damage from an Alpha Werewolf just to get into mortal range. Hunger seems like a questionable deal at 2 gold and 5 health for 1 base attack, but in Vanescula's case it can actually accelerate her game. Normally a creature with high attack poses a risk for the player, but with Vanescula it might actually be to her benefit to help get within Mortal range! Creature attack and health removal need to be evaluated differently for Vanescula than with other legends.

Playing a Mortal deck is about more than diving into Mortal range with heavy hits to her health. Cards such as Blood Tithe and Stack o' Sharks can full heal Vanescula quickly, making big dips and big rises a natural part of Vanescula's rollercoaster of health swings. Playing Mortal Vanescula means operating on the cusp of death with a narrow lifeline to safety.

Besides Mortal effects, Vanescula can use her efficiency in other ways. She can run a strong AP-gain theme. Worthy Opponent into Treus Dayth creates a 1 base attack swing, and is relatively easy to reach. Retaining the best of her efficient health-transfer effects, like Vyrewatch or Haunted Leech, she can transition into a high-health, high-damage theme and efficiently trade with and outlast the opponent.

One thing to watch for while playing Vanescula is that she won't steal health if she's already at max health. Playing Sap Life Force or Flying Leech while at full health will have no effect. Because Vanescula is already at max health, she won't remove any health from her target. Be careful when planning out health stealing turns.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Countering Vanescula relies on recognizing what her deck intends to do.

For example, if you see Hunger, high aggression, or Vanescula face-tanking damage for seemingly no reason, it's probably a mortal deck. A mortal deck wants to reach 15 health. Try not to help her get there. Avoid chipping at her health in small increments with weak aggro cards like Troll Chucker. The best option for damage is burst. Save your big damage cards to deliver an explosive chapter that ends the game. This is also your best chance for causing her to miscalculate when she intentionally drops into Mortal range.

Another thing to remember with Vanescula: Keep track of her gold, which needs 4 gold for Gorge and 5 gold for Vyrewatch, as well as how many Alpha Werewolves she has played. These are her 3 cornerstones for manipulating her health and damaging you. She can use Alpha Werewolf to drop either 8 or 16 health in a turn, and Gorge to heal up. However, she likely cannot Gorge twice in a row if she's used up both Alpha Werewolves, without a way to drop back into Mortal range. Healing her is actually extremely effective for denying her playstyle. Cards like Monkfish and Gnome Healer are great for this.

If you see Worthy Opponent, Treus Dayth, Feral Vampyre, or Dagonnoth Sentinel, there's a good chance it's an AP-gain deck. Be aggressive and remember to play around Treus Dayth as best as possible. Avoid playing a high attack creature in the last turn in Chapter 1, as opening with Worthy Opponent into Treus Dayth in the first chapter is one of Vanescula's favorite things to do.

Burst decks are great ways to punish a mortal deck. Aggro or creature grief can be powerful against her AP-gain version.

Cards[edit | edit source]

The following cards can only be used by Vanescula.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Afflicted     None   6 4 3 Gain Health equal to the attack of rival's next Creature.  
Alpha Werewolf     Beast   8 5 1 Deal 4 damage to Rival. Or Mortal: Deal 8 damage to rival.  
Bloodveld Leecher     None   6 6 2 Battle rival. Steal 2 Health from rival.  
Burgh de Rott Citizen     None   3 2 2 Steal up to 1 Health from rival.  
Dreadnaut     Undead   5 10 1 Discard 2 random Spells from rival's deck.  
Feral Vampyre     Vampyre   6 8 1  
Fiyr Shade     Undead   7 6 Spend 1 Base Attack and add Shade Remains to your hand.  
Flying Leech     Beast   1 3 Steal up to 2 Health from rival.  
Gravecreeper     Undead   6 13 24 If you have 4 or more Allies in your hand, deal 15 damage to rival. Always discard all Allies.  
Harold     None   4 7 12 Remove 4 attack from your next Vampyre.  
Haunted Leech     Beast   2 7 Steal up to 4 Health from rival.   3
Jerrod     None   2 6 Deal 4 damage to both Legends.  
Meiyerditch Prisoner     None   1 2 3 Draw 1 card.  
Necrovarus     Undead   6 4 Add an unmodified copy of your next Ally to your hand.  
Ranis Drakan     Vampyre   7 9 121 Set your Max Health to 15.  
Ripper Demon     Demon   11 9 Strike. Exhaust. Or Mortal: Strike.  
Terror Dog     Beast   4 3 Gain 1 Temporary Attack. Or Mortal: Gain 4 Temporary Attack.  
Treus Dayth     Undead   5 10 3 Remove 1 Base Attack from rival.  
Vampyre Juvinate     Vampyre   2 2 Add 1 Health to rival's next creature.  
Werewolf Rebel     Beast   5 3 2 Remove 2 Health. Deal 4 damage to rival.  
Wyrd     Vampyre   7 3 Remove 4 Health from all rival's Creatures in play. Remove 2 Health from all your Creatures in play.  
Blood Share     Spell   Transfer 1 Health to all Creatures in play.  
Blood Tithe     Spell   2 Mortal: Increase Health to 15.  
Crypt     Location   1 Gain Health equal to your Total Attack. Remove weapon.  
Culling the Weak     Spell   2 If your next Creature has 4 attack or less, reduce its health by 4.  
Gadderanks     Ally   3 53/1  
Gorge     Spell   4 Steal up to 3 Health Or Mortal: Steal up to 6 Health from rival.   4
Haemalchemist     Ally   10 Add Health to rival's next Creature equal to your next Creature's Health.  
Hunger     Spell   2 1 Remove 5 Health.  
Malak     Ally   Gain Health equal to half your next Creature's Health.  
Mass Drain     Spell   1 Steal up to 1 Health from all Creatures in play.  
Rush of Strength     Spell   Remove 10 Health. Gain 3 Temporary Attack.   2
Safalaan Hallow     Ally   2 Draw 1 Vampyre.  
Sap Life Force     Spell   1 Steal up to 2 Health from your next Creature.  
Shade Remains     None   2 2 Gain 2 Temporary Attack.   Fiyr Shade
Shadow Stalk     Spell   3 Battle rival. Or Mortal: Strike rival.  
Vampyre Power     Spell   13 3 Remove weapon and all Armour. Increase Max Health by 10.  
Vampyre Trader     Ally   5/1 Remove 7 Health.   6
Vyrewatch     Ally   5 Steal up to 4 Health from rival. Discard 1 random card from rival's hand.  
Worthy Opponent     Spell   If your next Creature has 10 or more Health, gain 1 Base Attack.  
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