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Very rare cards

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This page lists cards of Very rare rarity, which are indicated by a four-pointed Diamond symbol.

Neutral Very rare cards can be crafted using 2500 Gem Shards and can be recycled for 500 Gem Shards.

Legend-specific Very rare cards can be crafted using 3000 Gem Shards and can be recycled for 600 Gem Shards.

For lists of other card rarities, see Common cards, Uncommon cards, and Rare cards.

List of Very rare cards[edit | edit source]

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Balance Elemental     None   6 10 Discard all cards from both players, and draw 5 cards each.  
Bilrach     None   9 17 2 Set your Health to match rival's Health.  
Black Knight Titan     None   7 8 Strike rival with their weapon. Exhaust.  
Char     None   11 10 Gain Base Attack equal to half your Weapon Attack. Remove your weapon.  
Corporeal Beast     Beast   7 14 Gain Armour equal to your Health.  
Kalphite Guardian     Kalphite   1 4 12   Kalphite Queen
Kalphite Queen     Kalphite   7 10 For each Kalphite slain, add Kalphite Guardian to your hand.  
Kayle     None   3 2 3 Remove 2 health from your next 2 Creatures.  
Lady Keli     None   8 7 5 Add Snap Shot, Dazing Shot, and Deadshot to your hand.  
Lexicus Runewright     None   9 5 4 Add 3 random spells to your hand.  
Morwenna     Undead   2 2 Add an unmodified copy of your next creature to your hand. Make your next creature Aggressive.  
Ranis Drakan     Vampyre   7 9 121 Set your Max Health to 15.  
Redbeard Frank     Pirate   7 3 Draw a Pirate, a Ship and add a Cannonball to your hand.  
Rolo the Stout     None   3 2 31/2 Draw 1 card.  
To'Kash     Demon   6 12 Remove weapon. Gain 6 Temporary Attack. Strike rival. Exhaust.  
Vorago     None   7 14 Equip a 3/3 weapon. Gain Weapon Attack equal to rival's Base Attack.  
Yelps     Goblin   4 3 If you have 8 or less Gold, double it.  
Zemouregal     None   14 7 Draw 3 Undead. Deal 3 damage to rival per Undead in your hand. Discard all Undead.  
Zulrah     None   6 11 44 Add Zulrah's Scales to your hand.  
Abyssal Whip     Equipment   8 6/3 Steal up to 6 Health from your next Creature.  
Amascut Ruins     Location   Your next Creature loses 4 health
Barricade     Action   4 10 Remove 5 Attack from your next Creature.  
Deadly Prey     None   Deal 3 damage to rival for every Aggressive Creature slain by both Legends.  
Death     Ally   9 Remove half of rival's Health.  
Full Dharok     Equipment   2 Mortal: Gain 2 Base Attack.  
Grand Exchange     Location   Reduce the cost of your next purchase by 3. Reduce the cost of your Rival's next purchase by 1.
Jungle Poison     None   Remove half of rival's Health.
Kyzaj Tournament     Location   1 Add 1 Base Attack to rival.  
Lady Raven     Ally   20 Deal Damage equal to your total Gold.  
Lady Zay     Ship   Deal 2 damage per Cannonball in your hand. Discard all Cannonball.  
Papa Mambo     Ally   2 Spend 2 Potions from your hand and add 4 Health to all rival's Creatures.  
Partyhat     Equipment   Discard 3 random cards. Double your Gold.  
Preparation for Battle     None   Gain Armour equal to twice Rival's Total Attack.
Radimus Erkle     Ally   2 51/2 If you have a location in your deck, gain 4 Gold and draw 2 cards.
Sir Tiffy Cashien     Ally   3 Mortal: Gain 12 Armour.  
Tetsu Katana     Equipment   7 8/3  
Vampyre Power     Spell   13 3 Remove weapon and all Armour. Increase Max Health by 10.  
Wise Old Man     Ally   5 Deal Damage to all your Creatures equal to your hand size.  
Zulrah's Scales     None   8 Remove 4 Health.   Zulrah
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