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Linza is a playable legend, released alongside the Closed Beta. A smithing archetype, her strategy is based on building weapons and armor, using cards such as Pulverise and Armadylean Golem.



Linza is a reputable smith and a Signature Hero in RuneScape 3. Little is known of her past, but she has traveled around Gielinor to learn of various smithing techniques, dedicating most of her time to handicrafts and smithing.


As a smith, Linza's playstyle propagates from her use of equipment, specifically weapons. She has a variety of ways to dramatically enhance a weapon's attack and durability. This can come from creatues like Barrelchest, support cards like Thurgo, or through counters such as Adamant Dragon.

With an empowered weapon, Linza has several options available. Hurl Weapon and Pulverise are signature cards from Linza that damage the rival for potentially massive damage, often leading to extreme damage turns, more than any other Legend if the weapon is strong enough. Damage aside, a big weapon can be converted into other potent effects. Armadylean Golem gives armor equal to the weapon attack +3. Varrock Museum adds gold equal to weapon durability.

Alternatively, she may spend the weapon, removing it in exchange for powerful and diverse effects. For example, Fremennik Crafter draws 4 cards (together with the 3 cards drawn every chapter, this nearly refills the entire hand), Dust Devil reduces the Rival's base attack by 1 and is one of the most efficient griefing cards in the game, Repurpose adds a whopping 10 armor, while Work Order is one of the best griefing buffs in the game for the rival's creatures.

Of course, Linza can also use her weapon to engage her rival or defeat strong creatures. Kal'Ger and Revenant Ork, especially followed by a Pulverize, can end the game outright.

Overall, Linza is a terrifying opponent if her weapon buffing goes unchecked. With a buffed weapon, she has a variety of devastating effects at her disposal, OTK burst potential, and at the end of the story, a big weapon is always a decisive advantage in a duel. The Linzas not brandishing a cruel-looking weapon may be even scarier, as they threaten some of the most potent grief effects in the game. Beware Karam!


Linza's biggest counter is weapon removal. For budget decks, Kalphite Emissary is probably the best weapon counter, followed by Bar Fight. Black Knight Titan, while more expensive to obtain, absolutely annihilates weapon Linzas. Black Knight Titan is just a fantastic card to have even if not against Linza, as it is such a brutal weapon counter that even non-weapon-based decks, basically any deck running a weapon bigger than 1 damage, can be griefed fairly reliably with it.

Reducing weapon attack can also be potent. A card like Obsidian Golem grants a reasonable 3 gold for killing, and at 3/10 in stats, the 3 attack isn't all that threatening. This makes it a convenient card for general use that also doubles as a tech counter. Each point of reduced weapon attack mitigates Pulverize by 2 damage, as well as mitigating OTK double Pulverize combos by 4 damage. An Obsidian Golem therefore shaves off between 8 and 16 damage from Linza's burst. Setting a weapon down to 0-2 attack also kills Linza's reach, so timing weapon attack reduction before a weapon is super enhanced seriously hinders Linza in buffing it, as she can't kill Barrelchests or big creatures like Revenant Ork without taking damage and losing double durability. This means Hurl Weapon is indirectly countered by weapon attack as well—as long as it arrives early enough.

Combo Linzas whose weapons are countered enough to force a reequip or slowed down by 1-2 chapters is often enough to ensure a win.

Besides weapon counters, aggression is also decently reliable against Linza. Run Bar Fight and fast damage, and she'll never get a chance to pull out a burst combo. Just be careful of a Dragon Longsword, Saradomin Godsword, or Chaotic Longsword + Pulverize combo. Be mindful of her gold when she gets above 5-7 gold, and try to stay above 18-20 health to keep out of burst range.

Against Grief Linza, try to anticipate Dust Devils and Work Orders. If she pulls one out in the first chapter, there's just not much that can be done. Avoid playing dangerous creatures against a grief Linza, or at least expect to have either your base attack reduced or the creatures health increased by 3 points. Besides creatures, expect a South Sea Pillager to grief your gold, and a Major Mary Rancour to replace your weapon with a 1/1. Watch their gold total; at 7 gold Karam is likely to be unleashed!

Grief Linza can hit you on almost any front. You don't need to get too far ahead to beat Grief Linza, as she won't be very strong at the end, so be careful when and where you take risks. The trick is playing a slow and calculated game to play around her grief. Playing your usual game and attempting to power up will likely be met with severe punishment. It's easy to throw half your health on one play and lose the match because of it, where if you had just done nothing at all you could still be okay. Keep the low cost cards, like KGP Agent for Chapter 5, unless it enables an important tempo play earlier. Be wary of Tetsu Katana at 6 gold. This is her only chance to not be completely weak by the end. If Linza is accumulating gold, be prepared for an incoming 24 damage in the final fight; if you're going second, do your best to score weapon removal on the final slot.


The following cards can only be used by Linza.

Name     Family         Rewards
Effect     Added by
Adamant Dragon     Dragon   6 13 3 Gain Weapon Durability equal to rival's Gold.  
Armadylean Golem     None   5 10 4 Gain Armour equal to your Weapon Attack +3.  
Barrelchest     Undead   8 5 Weapon gains +2/+2.  
Char     None   11 10 Gain Base Attack equal to half your Weapon Attack. Remove your weapon.  
Dark Fanatic     None   3 2 2 Remove 3 Weapon Attack from rival.  
Dust Devil     None   2 7 1 Spend your weapon. Rival loses 1 Base Attack.  
Dwarven Miner     None   2 2 Remove 4 Cost from your next Equipment.  
Fremennik Crafter     None   5 3 1 Spend your weapon and draw 4 cards.  
Goblin Raider     Goblin   2 2 21/3   3
Ice Warrior     None   3 4 11/4  
Kal'Ger     Demon   12 8 Gain 2 Weapon Attack. Strike rival. Exhaust.  
Living Rock Brawler     None   1 3 1 +1/+1 to your weapon.  
Miner Ancestor     Undead   3 4 Gain 2 Weapon Durability. Draw 1 card.   6
Raging Kalphite     Kalphite   3 10 Remove all Armour from rival.  
Ramokee Hoarder     None   2 7 Add 2 random Equipment to your hand.  
Revenant Ork     Undead   8 10 Draw 1 Equipment. Gain 3 Temporary Attack. Strike rival.  
Rune Dragon     Dragon   7 14 4 Gain 4 Weapon Attack. Remove 8 Health from your next Creature.  
TzHaar-Hur     Tzhaar   4 10 24 Gain Weapon Durability equal to half rival's Armour.   6
Weaponmaster     None   8 5 Spend 1 Equipment from your hand and gain 5 Weapon Attack.  
Artisan's Workshop     Location   2 Gain 3 Weapon Durability.  
Bartak's Anvil     Location   4 Your Weapon Attack equals its Durability.   2
Chaotic Longsword     Equipment   4 6/2  
Chaotic Rapier     Equipment   2 Gain a 1/3 weapon. Gain Weapon Attack equal to half rival's Armour.  
Dragon Forge     Location   Spend Gold equal to your Weapon Durability and double your Weapon Durability.  
Dragonbone Upgrade     Equipment   2 5 Weapon gains +1/+1.  
Drunken Dwarf     Ally   2 Gain Health equal to your Weapon Durability.  
Flurry     Spell   Strike your next Creature.  
Gravite Longsword     Equipment   4/1   4
Hurl Weapon     Spell   Deal damage to rival equal to your Weapon Durability x2. Remove weapon.  
Karam     Ally   7 Spend your weapon and remove 2 Base Attack from rival.  
Major Mary Rancour     Ally   1 1/1 Rival gains a 1/1 weapon.  
Moment of Opportunity     None   Collect your 2 Card Backs, 50 Booster Packs, 2500 Gem Shards and 2500 Platinum Ingots now.
Prototype     Equipment   1 1 If your Weapon Durability is greater than or equal to your Weapon Attack, gain 4 Armour and 2 Weapon Attack  
Pulverise     Spell   2 Deal damage to rival equal to your Weapon Attack +4. Remove your weapon.  
Repurpose     Spell   Spend weapon and gain 8 Armour.  
Tetsu Katana     Equipment   7 8/3  
Thurgo     Ally   2 Gain 3 Weapon Attack.  
Toolbelt     Equipment   Remove 3 Weapon Durability from rival.  
Varrock Museum     Location   2 Gain Gold equal to your Weapon Durability. Remove your weapon.  
Work Order     None   1 Spend weapon and add your Weapon Attack and 2 Health to rival's next Creature.  
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